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The best time to change the oil of Cummins Generator Sets

The best time to change the oil of Cummins generator sets For the customers who use the generator set, everyone wants to buy a long-lasting generator that can make the best use of it and get the best value for money. Then how to identify the performance of Cummins generator set: 1, durability index refers to the limit time of the main parts of the diesel engine worn during the work to not continue to work normally. It is usually measured by the length of life of the diesel engine.

        The service life of a diesel engine, that is, the diesel engine overhaul period, refers to the cumulative operation time of the diesel engine from the start of use to the first overhaul. The service life of the diesel engine for generator sets is generally 6000-8000h2. The reliability index refers to the normal working ability of the diesel engine under the specified conditions of use. Generally, the number of non-stop failures during the warranty period, the number of shutdown failures, and the replacement of major parts and Non-primary parts are represented. The fault-free warranty period for generator sets and diesel engines is generally 500-2000h.
Features: High-pressure Cummins generator components are dual-purpose diesel and heavy oil. It has high voltage regulation precision, good dynamic performance, small voltage waveform distortion, high efficiency, compact structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, long service life and good economic performance. Features.
Requirements and conditions for parallel operation: The whole process of Cummins generator set put into parallel operation is called juxtaposition. One generator set is first operated to send the voltage to the bus, and after the other generator set is started, it generates electricity with 100 billion units. The units are juxtaposed. At the moment of closing, the generator set should not have harmful inrush current, and the shaft should not be suddenly shocked. After closing, the transfer should be able to be pulled into synchronization quickly, so the generator must have the following conditions:
1. The effective value of the genset voltage must be the same as the waveform;
2. The phases of the two generator voltages are the same;
3. The frequency of the two generator sets must be the same;
4. The phase sequence of the two generator sets is the same.
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